Seaver Vineyards produces Cabernet Sauvignon in limited production of between 400-500 cases per year. Grown on a south facing slope on Diamond Mountain, our wine is made from 4 different clones grown on our 3.5 acre vineyard.

The 2005 vintage was our inaugural vintage, released in 2008. Since the ’05 vintage we have offered two bottlings of our Cabernet, GTS and Nancy’s Fancy (now known as NLS), mainly because the characteristics of the grapes grown on the smaller hill of the vineyard have been very different than those grown on the big hill. However, with the 2008 vintage all of the grapes went into one bottling, the 2008 GTS, for the first time in our history. We can’t say for certain from year to year whether we will offer one bottling or two; we wait for the vines and our winemaker to tell us.